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AIYSEE provides economical test series at an affordable cost of Rs. 1150 for one year. Through this test series subscription the students can avail AIYSEE test series for 1 year. The scholarship exam is free and has no cost envolved, the application fee charge of Rs. 1150 is mandatory as the AIYSEE test series is provided for 1 year in which students can practise for varoius upcoming exams like NEET, IIT JEE etc. We fund the most talented students and help them pursue the most expensive education in India. The rationale is simple. Given the level of tuition and other fees in professional colleges, the poor have no chance today to pursue their dreams of becoming engineers or doctors. These students cannot get educational loans from banks either given the insistence of banks in India for history of banking relationships and a need for collateral. However, the earning potential of these professions is very high. An engineer, doctor or computer scientist earns enough to help his/her family financially, lifting the whole family out of the poverty trap. The student also becomes a role model in the community inspiring others to pursue this path. In other words, the multiplier effect on the society of enabling a talented child to become an high income earning professional is huge. By a conservative estimate, each rupee invested in a talented child returns 140x to the society.
India is a place where knowledge and culture have started .India has the densest of population over the globe. And we Indians have always prooved ourselves regarding our talent. But still many students are unable to complete their education. It’s always seen that the growth of a country always depends on the new educated generation. Even the government is trying its best for the education of the children, but due to lack of money, many students are unable to complete their education.The idea to build this company is to provide best education to the talented students by funding.Scholarship is available to any qualified student, irrespective of the applicant's caste, community, gender or religion. 
Now AIYSEE has announced to spread scholarship for different parts of India.The main aim of the organization is to motivate talent of India.AIYSEE will conduct the online exam/offline exam for students in different parts of India.AIYSEE aims to provide maximum talented student of Engineering aspirated or medical aspirated students gets enrolled in scholarship exam. All those families having financial problem and are unable to afford such a big amount for higher education, through this exam, they can get their wards enrolled in the exam and can get a better future for their children.Soon AIYSEE will provide scholarship for students having less income in their family. AIYSEE will inform about scholarship online forms available to the student in AIYSEE portal.
AIYSEE portal is specially designed for the student to keep them update about the examination, college forums, medical and engineering update, Take fest information, technical seminars, general examinations, results update. It’s a complete portal for the student from their schooling up to their higher studies.
The Idea to build this portal to provide the quality information to the student at single place so that they have to search at many places for their updated requirements. Also a technical and maintained team is being setup for the student guidance. Our Aim is to “provide high quality education with information”.