Layout Of Scholorship

Layout of AIYSEE scholarship


1. Students have to appear for the AIYSEE Examination which will be conducted in different parts of Country.

2. Students have to clear the AIYSEE Examination.

3. Students have to register for the AIYSEE Test Series and enter the Registration number obtained upon Registration and password to start practising the AIYSEE Test Series. The AIYSEE Test Series will have validity of 1 year only.

3. Qualifying percentage of AIYSEE Examination is 55%.

4. Taking admission in college in current year is mandatory.



Marks in AIYSEE Exam





(≥ 90%) 4 Year 5 Year
(86% to 89%) 3 Year 3 Year
(81% to 85%) 1.5 Year 2 Year
(76% to 80%) 1 Semester 1 Year
(71% to 75%) 3 month stipend 3 month stipend

(55% to 70%)






  • If student comes under stipend slab he/she will get Rs. 6000 per month as stipend
  • Scholarship may increase or decrease based on number of students enrolled

Students can use AIYSEE test series to practise for various entrance exams.