All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination (AIYSEE)

AIYSEE provides economical test series at an affordable cost of Rs. 1150 for one year. Through this test series subscription the students can avail AIYSEE test series for 1 year. The scholarship exam is free and has no cost envolved, the application fee charge of Rs.1150 is mandatory as the AIYSEE test series is provided for 1 year in which students can practise for varoius upcoming exams like NEET, IIT JEE etc.

Join AIYSEE test series and practise for upcomng exams and get a chance to score better.

AIYSEE is one of India's most recognized and trusted test series exam portal. 

This program provides benefits for higher education to those students who wish to get aid in their higher studies. To earn the aids of scholarship students have to qualify the All India Youth Scholarships Entrance Examination.

Education is a bare necessity of each and every individual. It is education that takes a person to heights.Some of the talented students face the trouble of accomplishing their dreams to gain higher education just because of the lack of adequate funds and knowlege to persue higher education. For students facing the knowlwdge hardship, a test series/scholarship support in the form of test series and scholarship will not only act as a source of knowledge and financial support but also give them a morale boost in their quest for achieving higher goals.The test series and scholarship also gives them and their families a social appraisal. In the concatenation in enhancement many social services and non-government organizations, thus have intent to strengthen the education level of the country, bringing the prosperity as a test series and scholarship to the students who deserves through AIYSEE.

In the sight of requirements at present AIYSEE integuments the courses related to medical and engineering. For those students who expect for knowledge aid in their higher studies AIYSEE is the best resource for test series and scholarship. We work with an approach of helping in imparting higher education to the students with a systematised and strategically planned test series program.We at AIYSEE, work with the sole motive of ensuring apt distribution of education at various strata of the society, particularly the unprivileged ones.The AIYSEE program is particularly designed to reward and recognise the excellence present in a student and help him/her persue higher studies.

Registration for the test will be done in online mode belonging to both medical and engineering arena. Application form details are available on AIYSEE website. Even all essential information is provided on the website like important dates, college list of best Engineering and Medical colleges in India and syllabus for engineering, medical and others. Students should contact in case of any further queries.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to arrest the discontinuation
of Education of talented and meritorious students
due to economic hardship by providing
them with a scholarship support for
persuing their academic goals, leading to
an improved quality of life in the future.